Album of the Week: ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’ by Jeezy


I personally don’t judge albums based on personal external drama & strife. Gave a bump to Thicke after all. Every album is another story in the life (whether fiction or non-fiction) of artists.  And this time, Jeezy decided to write an dark ghetto gospel based on his autobiography.  The mood reflects the POV of a man who has seen too much in his 37 years on this earth.  Reminded me of J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’.  Personal, reflective, and a bit apologetic.

Jeezy rhymes are some of the strongest in his career.  The consistency allows the album flow interrupted as the beats bloom with each passing second.  You get 65% Jeezy & 45% guest cameos from his friends (August, Jay Z, Rick, Game, Future, Etc).  Luckily, Jeezy puts each star in his place.  This is his record.  Not Jay Z (feat. Jeezy).  Quite a feat to balance.

He’s always been one of the honest rhymers in the game, but Jeezy needed to make a record like this.  Real shit.  Front to back.  For if the story ends, this record highlights Jay Wayne Jenkins in the most haunting spotlight — standing before his fans in booth like a confessional.  Left me saying: “Something like Illuminati”!

Experience Jeezy’s Autobiography below:



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