1st Song of the Day: “All The Rage At Home” by Interpol


Friday.  We’ve made it to you again.  Did you miss us too?  Despite the new face…you’re still the same to us.

Drove to Amoeba after Wing Night wrapped earlier than usual.  Glad I did.  Would’ve been stuck in two unnecessary backups due to accidents on the Freeway.  Picked up some new Vinyl, if you didn’t read my tweets.  Mr. Rager, Thelonious Monk 2002 blues session, and The Great Gatsby Soundtrack are a member of “the crate”.  Passed up a few LPs like Coldplay’s “Ghost Stories”.  That record seems fitting for wax than disc.  Gonna try to find a online vendor who is cheaper than the overprice tourist paradise.  Give me something to do tonight.

So many options tomorrow: weighting my options.  Do I go to a show?  Watch Football all day? Crash a virgo’s birthday party? Play some clixs with the comic book team?  Or cancel everything & stay in?  No clue.  Each path has its perks.  That it does.

Either way, it will be fun.  Be safe reader.  Here’s a track from Interpol’s new record that drops next Tuesday.  Dig it so much, despite not having Carlos anymore.


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