1st Song of the Day: “Lasso” by Phoenix


Debated long & hard whether to go check out Phoenix at the Main Stage of FYF Fest Saturday night.  Saw them back in 2010.  Liked it then.  Was only gonna stay for 30 Minutes.  Ended up closing out that crazy night with the massive horde.  Lasso sounded fantastic with the crowd assisting.  That’s why it wakes us up for two crazy award show days.  Meh.

Really can’t wait to write up FYF Fest kind of like how I featured SXSW 13 with a tips & tricks section.  Being a newbie…made some unfortunate mistakes that made me not want to waste my time Sunday.  Which i didn’t.  Spent the entire day on my couch, recovering, and uploading the glorious pictures.  Which you can view here!

Even before I tweeted out the link…it had already surpassed 300+ views.  On top of some likes & comments.  Happened crazy fast.  Was very happy with the Future Islands / Phoenix shots.  Here’s my four favorites:

I’m gonna be busy ALL day.  So, don’t expect much from me on this end.  Gonna try to hook you up with that new Eminem / Sia hit.  Until then…I’m gonna be lasso’d.


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