Album of the Week: ‘Bahamas Is Afie’ by Bahamas


I got “Lost In the Light” back in 2012.  Considered myself struck after seeing Alfie Jurvanen open for Ben Howard at the Troubadour with his brand of modern 1950s rocking rhythm & blues.  Picked up the record ‘Barchords’ at the bar, made a few blurbs here & there, ultimately culminating in that record receiving a top 20 spot in my 2012 favorite albums sessions.  Then i forgot about it.

Well, I’m ignorant no more.  Bahamas returned this week by dropping his junior effort — ‘Bahamas is Alfie’.  Still puzzled by the name.  Guess he’s sick of answering the same damn question?  There’s no confusion on my end.  Bahamas always transports me to that sandy shore of fantasies.  The gorgeous twilight beach rock that bleeds romanticism with harmony & sweet lyrics only got better in this collection of hits.  Everything about this record is grandeur in scale with its hints of beautiful tragedy. Jurvanen’s not sad about them.  Takes great pleasure in the moments.  But never wants them back.  I can imagine him smiling as he sings his island blues.

Nice added touch dropping the record at the end of summer because this is a end of season in feel.  Fondly looking back while still on vacation.  Certain sadness that this was the best life ever gets.  Remaining to stick to your ribs.  Listen to “Can’t Take You With Me”.  Coincidence?

‘Bahamas is Afie’ came out the perfect time.  As life returns to its business ways, this is a record to help you remember “All the Time”(s) you just experienced.  A soundtrack of when you were a giant.  You’ll be surprised how easy it all comes back.  Prepare to be transported to Bahamas, where Afie Jurvanen will be providing your soundtrack.



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