Spotlight Saturday: ‘Song For You EP’ by A Is For Atom

Load up your ears and check out the new EP from A is for Atom. ‘Song for You’ is collection of stories wrapped in raw, pop, lyrics & melodies with that definite NYC state of mind.  You get hints of Yorke, Berninger, and DeGraw from the man behind the Atom — Mike Cykoski.  Each track feels like a short story about a distinct character with the music being the lens in which they live.  Trust me, you’ll see something if you close your eyes & listen.

Read how the Atom was made over on their Facebook, but I absolutely loved this snippet of description about the record:

“The A is for Atom EP is threaded with the concept of the loneliness and the futility of the existentialist’s quest. Packed within this overarching theme Mike alludes to a film noir-like sense of big-city alienation, Emily Dickinson, Joseph Campbell, the Meat Puppets and Kurt Cobain, and the artful logic of classical compositions like Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” The EP shifts conceptual perspectives on this theme and favor distinct musical dynamics to mirror each piece’s central mood.”



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