1st Song of the Day: “Wait” by M83


Happy Friday!!!! We made it.  Another week, at least for me, is in the twilight hour.  Long day.  Two shows to post.  More stress.  Dappled with Drama.  You know what we do.  As long as the music keeps flowing…can’t complain.  Well…maybe just a bit.

Gonna “Wait” and see.  I loved this record.  As the years pass since its release in 2011, M83’s ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ is still a beast,  The beat keeps it chill as you wake up.  Should enjoy its mellowness.

Our Greek Theatre Under The Sun ’90s Pictures are now live.  Click here to view all 80 of them.  Far from my best stuff.  If you know what kind of jiving & weaving I had to do to get those Sugar Ray photos through two lively, dancing, drunk middle aged folks…you’d appreciate the skill of my lens.  Just a fun night captured on tape.

Tomorrow we gonna spend the fun filled day down in Echopark.  New LA bands to be discovered.  Another Spotlight Saturday in every sense.  More words on that Monday!  Until then you gonna wait (see what I did there?  haha…puns.  Have a great weekend!)


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