1st Song of the Day: “Heartbeat (OLIVER Remix)” by Childish Gambino


The proportions on this remix really weighs in favor for OLIVER over Gambino.  The EDM artist slices, diced, chopped, screwed the classic ‘CAMP’ track to bring out the flavor of the chorus.  Completely new dish to touch on your ear palette.  Vaguely remember the original version of Heartbeat being a kick-off song a couple of years ago.  Despite the sample…way different experience.  Plus that artwork cover…yowza!

Yes, a concert went down last night.  Representing 1990s in all it’s alt rock glory.  The reception is soooooo bad at the Greek (either because of the mass amount of people or being situated atop of a mountain in a park?) that I couldn’t upload on site.  Didn’t mind.  A little quiet is never a bad thing.  Blues Traveler killed it.  Sugar Ray surprised.  Uncle Kracker & Smash Mouth came in at a close 3rd.  Didn’t stay through Smash Mouth’s set.  The first three tracks only.  It was enlightening to realize that Sugar Ray had a good amount of bangers during my earlier high school age.  I knew each & every track.  Thanks TRL.  Pictures should be up Thursday night.

Echo park Rising this weekend is our next adventure.  Wing Night is postponed tomorrow.  Gonna use the time to possibly write up our July adventures.  Gonna be a single post.  If I don’t fall asleep as a I watch Knife Fight, Brew Dogs, or Parks & Rec re-runs on Esquire Network.  Leaves me like:

Ha!  Remember: I’m all about fun.  Comic Book stuff tonight.  Should be swagalicious (?).  My heart is beating quite fast.  No.  Wait, that’s the track.


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