1st Song of the Day: “Deuces” by Chris Brown (feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall)


Not sure why I spent the weekend bumping this classic after-the-slug Breezy track.  Maybe it’s because of all the times his new featuring track, “Main Chick”, appeared on the radio Saturday Night.  [Is modern radio controlled by Chris Brown???  I mean, my god.  KISS 102.7 played better shit!]  Add in his ex-Rihanna and the equation is sound.  I guess.  Really I should be playing a Vampire Weekend track seeing what day it is.  But you know what?  Gonna hold back.=)

I am chalking up some deuces to Ms. Jenny Lewis.  Have decided that I will no longer cover her showcases moving forward.  I’ll reveal more about my decision in the coming weeks.  But ultimately, I think i have seen all I needed to see from the rainbow outfitted Voyager.  Still will admire the records.  Never changing fact for she is still one of my favorites.  Check out our pictures in the link below!

Yeah.  I had a busy weekend.  Two Massive Showcases (Eminem / Rihanna & Jenny Lewis), My bar…The Blue Palms Brewhouse… had their 6th Anniversary celebration as I joined up with the leader of Wing Night crew, picked up Zach Braff’s soundtrack Vinyls and ended the days by listening to Garden State on my living room floor, and etc. Etc.  Still not finished.  Blues Traveler & all your favorite aging early 2000s rockers is our next showcase.  The week concludes with Echo Park Rising.  Crazy how addicted I am to the music right now.  Can you blame me?  Los Angeles is on fire!  So many awesome shows happening all around me. As Sondre says on his new record, “I’m at a lost for words”.

Last note: the photo album for Shady & Bad Girl RiRi’s views has almost reached 250!  Was very proud of that set.  Got some amazing shots of Rihanna.  But more on that later.  Enjoy this R&B classic.  I certainly will.  For we’re rocking those middle & index finger.  That we are.


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