1st Song of the Day: “The Monster” by Eminem (feat. Rihanna)


48 Songs! That’s an average of 24 songs per artist.  Talk about an epic performance that happened last night at the Rose Bowl when Eminem & Rihanna kicked off their summer tour series.  We’re heading there tonight for night two.  Can’t you tell I’m excited!!!???  I haven’t seen a show at the Rose Bowl since U2’s 360 tour back in our early blogging days.  Maybe tonight will make me love a venue more than my disdain for busing in.  Stories to come.  Here’s the tweeted out setlist:  Wonder if they’ll make some changes tonight.


August is a huge month for us here at Bored 4 Music/Guerrilla Nights.  So many impressive showcases.  Can’t wait to share them all.  Gonna start posting all our July adventures soon.  Didn’t go too nuts.  Can’t be said for the next four weeks.  AH! Em, Ri, Blues Traveler, Ech Park Rising, FYF Fest, and many more surprises.  Best charge my cameras.  Long nights ahead.

We made it to Friday. Rough & tolling week about to be put behind us.  Best make friends with the Monster for a few more hours.


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