1st Song of the Day: “Fast Lane” by Bad Meets Evil


First verse: feeling much better than I did yesterday.  I usually, when feeling like life is running a bit all over the road, take a breath on the ride home & just calm myself down.  Driving is such a therapeutic experience.  No matter what has happened over the past 8 or so years…when I get in my Prius, all my problems conclude themselves.  There is some residual anger that appears on the surface.  Of course there is.  But not as much as the rage burning inside.

I did shave my mustache off.  My beard remains.  Got me feeling like Gendo.

Thursday.  Welcome.  More music ahead.  Eminem week continues with Em & Royce’s tag team single — “Fast Lane”.  This track is for you, If you like lyrical gymnastics.  Can you keep up with the Rap God & second best?

Not expecting much today.  When Ben Howard drops a track, my whole world stops.  Otherwise, more rap coming your way.  Got nothing else to say really.  Sorry.


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