1st Song of the Day: “Don’t Push Me” by 50 Cent (feat. Eminem & Lloyd Banks)


Yeah, definitely not in the mood to be pushed.  My bossed tried to discipline me for going the extra mile again.  Can’t fucking win.  Apparently its aftereffects are causing a major headache on our opposite show.  Making my teammate (who’s not even here!) look bad.  Not my fault   Been trying to teach my former students, but obviously…they didn’t learn.If you reach high school & don’t know proper english…of course they are gonna flunk.

He just wanted to bitch about something.  I get it.  However, I do take business seriously.  Also, not gonna sabotage our show because people can’t use google.  I have stepped back majorly, but still not enough in his eyes.  Meh.

Starting the day with a chip on my shoulder isn’t ideal.  Hate coming to work like this.  Kind of looking forward to Comic Book Night despite feeling like I got no sleep.  Major jet lag mode going on.

Posted our final June showcase journal entry last night.  July is up next!  Not as many to work on, which is just dandy.  Here’s 50.


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